Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pirate Snail Mail

The envelope:


Open the envelope to find two neatly folded notes inside:

Photobucket and Photobucket

I really, really like how the first note came out :D Open it up....


I stained normal blank paper with used coffee grounds/paper filters, and crumpled it up after writing on it and decorating it to give it that old-treasure-map-looking effect. The "anachronistic" (ish) spellings was me attempting to be clever. I'll let you judge how successful I was on that ;P
The second note was just regular Red n' Black (I think....or was it Clairefontaine?) notebook paper, with a fancy shmancy message-in-a-bottle design on the outside to make up for it. Hehe. Apparently Ilona liked it lots, which made me happy. I was pretty late in responding (or so I thought), so I did my best to make it worth the wait for her.

Lamali Lokta
Rhodia pad
Rhodia pencil
Diamine ink series (5)

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