Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pen Review: Pilot V Ball RT

Pilot V Ball RT

-made with "real ink", according to the packaging (as opposed to...what?)

-great construction: clip is springy, the retractable point means that you can open it with one hand AND no cap to lose. Rubber grip ensures no slipping out of your hand.

-takes highlighters VERY well, unlike the Jimnie Gel Rollerball (which, I discovered too late, posses gel ink that tends to clump up at times)

-extra fine point!!!

-refills available :)

NOTE: The scanner made the ink seem lighter than it is; though it is lighter than both the Zebra Jimnie and Uniball Signo, it's still really nice and dark.


This is one of my favorite pens to use. I love the extra fine line it produces, the smoothness and reliability, and how waterproof and smearproof it is. I'm actually on my second refill for this pen! Highly recommended.

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