Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mushroom Stationary

I was going to post the Rhodia review today, but didn't get a chance to finish uploading/editing the photos I took, so instead you all get to look at juicy, fungi-related...stuff. Heh. I'll wrap up and post the Rhodia review tomorrow. Tons of pics :D

I saw some mushroom themed stationary online which I liked immediately (I love mushrooms), and was thus inspired to make my own! Customized, no less. That's me out mushroom-picking in the woods*, surrounded by a dream haven of glorious, colorful mushrooms in all shapes and sizes (including, ok, fly agaric).


And a close up:


I like the bunny, hehe. I was inspired to put a rabbit in the picture when I saw one on my way to martial arts class. Then I saw it again on my way back home -- in the same exact spot, almost 2 hours later! For some reason this amused me to no end. So, this is my homage to you, Rabbit That Would Not Move.

Anyway, moving on...I liked the way this came out so much that I decided to make color copies of it to use as stationary for other snail mail correspondents. Which gave me the brilliant idea of creating several different stationary designs and making copies, so I wouldn't have to hand draw each letter I send out.

Here is the original (top) compared to the copies (below):


Hey, not bad. The colors stayed true to the original, for the most part.

Now, what should my next theme be?

EDIT: Forgot to add, that this was done using O'bon colored pencils...which are slated to be reviewed in the near future ;)

*I have indeed been mushroom/toadstool picking before -- my friend and I wanted to dry them to make colorful mushroom potpourri. Sadly, after leaving them out to dry it rained and our beautiful harvest was destroyed (read: gross and slimy) and had to be thrown. Boo.

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