Thursday, July 15, 2010

Goth Art

Remember I said I was working on more (goth)art? This one depicts a tombstone embellished with a mourning angel, crumbling from age. A rose vine began growing nearby, winding its way up the stone carving and binding the angel to the tombstone. Here's the work in progress --


I personally love seeing the WIPs of artists. I love seeing how they sketch, what they start shading first, color combinations, etc. I feel as though it gives insight into how they perceive art and the world around them.

Pen & ink, done not with dip pens this time but Sakura Micron art markers. Those things are great. The patented ink is waterproof, so you can outline a figure and then paint over it with watercolors to get that neat "washy" anime look. They're a great alternative to dipping pens when traveling. I'll do a review of the markers sometime soon :-)

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